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Wiki Index

May 15, 2016
Wiki Index
  • This is the TMF Wiki that will house original content created by any registered member and maintained by all members. This is an opportunity to do something great together and build information. All pages use BB code. I hope you are excited about this as much as I am. We can index all the strains and all the information that someone could possibly want.

    I implore you to please not copy and paste information straight from another resource. I want all the content to be original in all forms as much as possible. Together we can build this without plagiarism and we can do it better than any other site. This is our Wiki to build as we see fit.

    Everyone has access to do everything, except you guest. You have to be a member to build the wiki. Guests can see the Wiki but they cannot edit it.

    There is no self-promotion, pages about businesses for the sake of promotion, or any sneaky addition. I will individually revoke editing permissions to anyone that does this. The directory is the place to add business and product promotions. Please just keep in mind that the same rules apply here as the rest of the community.

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    Ted's Marijuana Forum is a community for discussion, education, networking, and bringing people together with the commonality of cannabis. This community is not just a "let's get high" website. We are that and much more. Your input is always taken and any issues you might have and need help with can usually be solved fairly quick if you email [email protected] and let us know what issues you are having. Thank you for the support by joining, participating, and spreading TMF to others.
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