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    Nice and easy to follow guide, buying the right rolling papers is important :)
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    Ted replied to the thread Ask a Pro 2019 growing outdoors.
    I look forward to seeing them! I have been enjoying CBD a lot this year and I really enjoy it. Everything is going very well here. I hope the same for you!
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    Ted replied to the thread Hello Guys!.
    That's it? Introduce yourself...
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    I think yes. I used to utilize CBD since my grandmother was making oil from cannabis. I always knew, that cannabis is good not only in manufacturing clothes, paper and many other materials that...
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    Jerod replied to the thread Hello From Venezuela....
    LoL... Dear guys! It's been a long time since I wrote my first post here. Since then, I've moved out of Venezuela, currently living in Medellin, Colombia (It's like the paradise for...
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    Ted posted a comment on the media item Steal Your Bern.
    Even 4 years later, I am bummed that we don't have Bernie...again.
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    Hi everyone, since @Cancun Manny had noted in a reply that they weren't sure how active the forum is I figured I would address it a little bit here since I can see the numbers and it's been a long...
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    I never expected someone to follow this up, and especially with a nice write-up! Thank you for sharing all of this insight. When I posted this we had only gotten the news on that day so I never...
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    Hello, not sure how active your forum is. I am not an expert, and I did see your other write up about pot in Mexico that you posted on May 2019, but I just noticed that was for legalizing ALL...