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Validation Youtube Deleting Cannabis Channels


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I want to ask this question at large to our YouTubers in the group. I have read several cases where a cannabis related channel was removed for no reason. This left the YouTuber stranded without an answer or having to start over in hopes that it won't happen again. Has this happened to you? @JointVenturesTV lost his channel and is start his #YouTube channel again.

I know that Google takes a stance against anything that might get the government looking into its company. Since marijuana is still a Schedule 1 so they haven't allowed Adwords or Adsense that I have seen. Now I have not researched this lately so if this is wrong just let me know. I am hoping for them to loosen up a bit, but I know the law can be a tough one to challenge. Please post your stories or stories as of late with this happening.

YouTube is a huge investment in time and resources so I am hoping it's because of something legitimate. Google has always stayed away from customer service and rarely reverses its decisions. Hoping for some good info on this.


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A reasonable person, representative of Utube, should now consider FACT, 50% of America has voted in favor of MMJ to assist the sick.
Recreational use is growing.
New markets and products are generating revenue.

Or, Utube can resume the ostrich stance.


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I certainly agree with that entire thought process. The issue is the power of the government and Google sits on the border of all kinds of possible issues. They have Google Fiber, Search, AI Cars, Maps, and so many more products. They can be put in a tight spot so I get it, but they do put their heads in the sand. They have no other obligation but to make money for their stockholders. It sucks, but I know there are many stories out there. I have my own Adsense story from 2005 where instead of paying me my $100 they banned me instead.