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Other Your Current Strain Report!


Thought it might be nice to have a current strain/review thread.

Northern Lights
One of my favorites.

Current is pretty frosty from PNW. The effects just seem to treat me kindly. I usually use this as a night time strain and relief if any insomnia.

This one has a piney earthy taste on inhale and upon exhale it has what I call a slight ammonia taste.
Great relaxing effects with not much cotton-mouth etc. Seems not to have as much "psyhc" effects as some.
Very big and beautiful buds, some around 4-5 grams each.
Some seem to have a lot hairs intertwined while the larger ones seem to have less.
Pretty loud smelling.


I lied. Next review is Incredible Hulk!

Hard to review because it does it job. Lots of GG4 in here.

Shit got me like reviewing from the sideline.

Shit is proper but seems to take a build-up to be effective.

Taste is fruity but taste off what I call ammonia. Smooth tho and corrects joints etc.

Used thru a vaporizer.

Mighty damn good.



I can recommend PennyWise by TGA Subcool. Spectacular stand alone genes which is reportedly as high in CBD as THC up to 15%+ and man you can feel it a distinctly different stone almost immediate well being! A smell that is fruit based hint of pine and medicinal(diesel/pharma) overtones. Sick resin production STICKY!
Have inbred this plant in NQ tablelands. Plan to spread these beans far and wide...