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Did You Know? Why Does The Price Of Marijuana Go Up And Down?

Jay Hidoshi

I Take Life Very Serious.
The reason is supply and demand.

Ganjapreneurs don't want the price of weed to go down and now this is true for state governments, too.

States that have legal marijuana and dispensaries will be subject to lab tests on their bud and any products made from marijuana or marijuana extract. These lab tests will also be mandatory for all commercial marijuana farmers. What are the states testing for? Fungicides, pesticides, mold, etc. Whatever that state regulations require at that given moment.

A state mandated recall of marijuana off the shelves of dispensaries can cause a shortage and keep prices up.

Why would the government want the price of marijuana to stay high? The higher the price of legal marijuana means more tax revenue for government spending.

Some speculators believe the price of marijuana will come down now that more states have legal marijuana growing. I predict it will cause a surge in demand that supply will try to keep up with. You can bet the ganjapreneurs getting into the biz are betting the same thing.

I'm a witness to the numbers in Colorado, and since the year 2001 the numbers have gone up. The price of a pound has gone down but the amount of pounds being sold has gone up. The ganjapreneur still has time to make a lot of money in the next decade in the marijuana industry.

What I witnessed in the many years of legal marijuana in Colorado is the use of marijuana by the ones that come out of the closet. Suits and ties, mothers, elderly, etc. The numbers you can count on coming out of the closet are the edible users that have no interest in smoking anything. Another group that you can count on coming out of the closet are the ganjapreneurs that have no interest in using marijuana but want a hand in the business of green rush. This closet number is the growth of the industry that causes a chain reaction of more growth.

Count on the price of marijuana going down in October and November. The outdoor farmer and large outdoor plants provides a surge in supply for October and November. The increase in supply has farmers selling low.

Hang in there because prices don't stay low. The price starts to climb for Thanksgiving due to more sales/demand, and Christmas time brings the price that farmers like.

My goals have been about taking profit and putting it back into the business. Having a greenhouse large enough for 99 plants insures maximum yield.

A medical marijuana business plan

I have been a resident of Colorado for 26 years. I'm a former owner of a Denver dispensary. The dispensary sold for my retirement.

My book, titled "Colorado Marijuana Real Estate", is a how to guide for the entrepreneur and the blue-collar guy. This book provides a blueprint for starting a medical marijuana business plan.

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