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Did You Know? Where Did The Word Marijuana Come From?


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The word marijuana is a Mexican slang term which became popular in the late 1930's in America, during a series of media and government programs which we now refer to as the Reefer Madness Movement' It refers specifically to the medicine part of cannabis, which Mexican soldiers used to smoke.

Today in the U.S., hemp (meaning the roots, stalk, and stems of the cannabis plant) is legal to possess. No one can arrest you for wearing a hemp shirt, or using hemp paper. Marijuana (The flowers, buds, or leaves of the cannabis plant) is not legal to possess, and there are stiff fines and possible jail terms for having any marijuana in your possession. The seeds are legal to possess and eat, but only if they are sterilized (will not grow to maturity.)

Since it is not possible to grow the hemp plant without being in possession of marijuana, the United States does not produce any industrial hemp products, and must import them or, more often, substitute others. (There is a way to grow hemp legally, but it involves filing an application with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the DEA very rarely ever gives its permission.) This does not seem to have stopped people from producing and using marijuana, though. In many of the United States, marijuana is the number one cash crop, mostly because it fetches a very high price on the black market. - by Brian S. Julin


Interesting to see it is still illegal to posses fertile cannabis seed in the US. A loophole in the law in the UK allows for seeds to be sold although not grown. things have changed recently with regard to growing though, with home growing being an epidemic in the eyes of the law coupled with ever tightening of budgets for law enforcement my local police force no longer seek to prosecute small scale growers.:) http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/13477075.EXCLUSIVE__Small_scale_cannabis_users_and_growers_to_escape_prosecution_in_County_Durham_and_Darlington/


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Hello I live in The Netherlands and if seen a program that told that the world Marijuana comes from the time that indeed some big companies with interest in Olie and paper etc cold Marijuana “ bad crop “ the interest in benzine and pharmaceuticals were bigger and the Marijuana was taken away from the people! We still fight to get the plant back for its amazing medical benefits and vegetable Olie, paper and much more.