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When Will Federal Government Legalize Marijuana Throughout The States!


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Ernie, as long as you dont have to do a hair follicle test you are in luck. Look up a product called quick fix plus. It is a a synthetic urine with urea and got me my last job as the manager of an auto parts store. You have 3 pieces to it. A bottle of fake pee a rubber band and a heating pad. You microwave the pee to the right temperature which it will tell you then strap the heating pad onto it with the rubber band to keep it to the right temperature while you drive to the place of employment. You keep this in your underwear and then pour it into the specimen cup for the pee test. Costs aroudn 10-12 dollars. Even after national legalization we wont see jobs that allow marijuana use for some time i dont think because rules like that are managed by OSHA. Its a huge liability to have someone who drinks/smokes pot on the job and we dont currently have ways to tell how long ago the cannabis usage occurred but as the need for such testing becomes bigger so will the effort to find such a thing.