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Thoughts What's The Biggest Challenge For The Industry?


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In your opinion what is the biggest hurdle that the industry faces beyond legalization at state or federal? I was chatting with someone and this came up and I was interested in this topic.

I personally think that #payment processing is the biggest depending on your view with VISA, Mastercard, and even Bitcoin. Bitcoin's limit is accessibility and the complex nature for people that don't really understand how the blockchain works and having wallets. There is far too much friction between the lowest common denominator and the way it works. If it was simpler then it would be taken in already.

I think the payment processors are another hurdle because they write their own rules. #PayPal has been buying all these little startups and even some who have been around a while like #Xoom. They are hated, but they are doing what Budweiser did when the craft and micro brews became hip. They bought as many as they could and hid their name. You probably didn't realize that beer you were drinking was still connected to a company that sells piss water.

Financial is the biggest hurdle because we need a decentralized payment solution that is easy and can't be simply frozen by a bank. There are other things that are hurdles but I don't think there is another larger than this. What do you think and why?


I agree Ted and would just add that widening acceptance from the rest of business world must be a priority. Mainstream uptake of cannabis culture (an overall plus in my book) is significantly hampered by draconian workplace restrictions on marijuana use before or after accepting a job offer. Keeping recreational use in the margins of society prevents us from mobilizing anything like our full weight for future activist efforts.

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