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First of all, if you are reading this then you might be looking for work in the cannabis industry or hiring for it. I waited until we grew a little more before adding this and I hope that the members see value in having this. It's not exactly Craigslist, but it's an opportunity to find people that are looking for work, or wanting workers.

Here is all that I ask for using this section:
  • Prefixes are mandatory. It helps by filtering and there are 11 to pick from currently.
  • I set up a loose template when you create a thread. It is a guide and using it will be helpful.
  • Anything illegal will be deleted.
  • Any threads that are a simple "Hire Me Asap" will be removed. This will be treated as a professional opportunity for the TMF members to be hired or hire.
I do hope that some will benefit from this, and please remember that feedback is always welcome. I will add or delete prefixes that don't make sense or something I overlooked.
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