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We Aren't Using The Internet From Big Think


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I don't usually like this channel but I keep it subscribed because I enjoy what Bill Nye does on it and once in a great while a good one will be done. Well, today I got the good on and I think it's worth the share and the conversation. Their title is that "We Are Not Using the Internet, It's Using Us" and I agree almost in it's entirity. The internet really hasn't become this network of awesomeness that many thought it would be. I use VPNs, browser plugins to block ads, malware, and anything else I can do to increase the usefulness of the internet.

A lot of what I do to avoid the bad areas is why I implement or don't implement, rather, those same things on my sites. No ads, not "sponsored posts", and no selling of data. That's just 3 things, but I don't believe in harvesting and many of my closest friends would certainly agree. I am a very progressive person that wants a better internet. I worry about the things my kids are seeing or doing on the computer. I hate immoral marketers. These are the same things that keep me down as well. Have a watch and let me know what you think.


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In agreement with your premise Ted and think most do not realize the extent that IT has become a part of our lives, be it good or bad.
Information gathering, "mining" I think its called, by such giants as Google, has generated an extensive amount of information (purchases, interests, habits, beliefs, etc)about the general public to be collected by one entity, which at some future time will be used to determine our acceptability as a member of society. Those that fall outside of parameters would be placed in a less than desirable category as extremists, and higher level of scrutiny is afforded with eventual ostracization, separation, and eradication.
IT is just another form of which control over the masses is imposed.