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Vapes Vaping

Not a deal breaker but try Vaping. Lets discuss the differences.

Not much smell
Dissipates fast
Airzer or above depending on cost
Mighty is a monster.
Charcoal for medicinal people thru a glass. easy to make or get a smoke-buddy
Mighty makes getting a buzz much better option after years of bongs

Old Azz vaporizer
Need a tolerance break before changing.
Results are a different high if no break
I did both first week
Now combustion just reeks of bad stuff

Inhale, exhale-Do not hold in. take a toke, inhale- do not hold
exhaust 20 percent, inhale again no holding, exhaust and repeat.

Vaporization is different than smoke
Repeat 80/20 4 times and if a right setting, vape will flow still. Turn off vape.

The lungs are more proficient while moving than holding.

Thank me later



I have a Pax, I really like it. I tried the Bubba & liked it for a table top. The Volcano too, however a bit pricey. I do prefer the tube to the bag, I find the bag gets stale.


I have a pax2 for mobility and use a Vapexhale for table top vaping. The Vapexhale is incredible, nothing can beat it. Check the Vapexhale out here . . . VAPEXHALE . . . you will not be disappointed with this one.


Weed doctor
Hello I have a Yo can for concentrates “Dab “ Shatter and I love it, it works great the taste of the Dab is amazing and the Yo can is easy to take with you. For me it’s like vapeing but a Vulcano is one I like to buy