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Media Using Images Here


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We love images! So much so that I wanted to have a gallery so everyone can upload and share. Of course though this comes with concern. I don't have a datacenter like Google or anything so I have limits. Everyone gets 100MB of uploading space for now. I need to see how this initially works out and adjust settings from there. Here, let's do a breakdown.

You get to create albums that you can upload whatever images in. For instance, you can upload a few images of your latest crop into an album that you can share. You have levels of privacy in who you share with and who can add to your albums as well. I took a screenshot below of what it looks like.


Site Categories
I have created several site categories so you don't have to create albums for a one-off image you wish to share. If I need to add more I certainly can. I would like it to be a category that others would add to as well though.

As I started with, I have to limit sizes and quantities. I understand some members shoot some serious high-res images and I love that! However, this site would not last long if everything was unlimited. Below is how to know what the current limits are.


All images can have tags. These are searchable and add value so if you have tags for your image, please add them.

If you know the owner or copyright holder please put them into the field I created for it. Also, please try to only upload images you own or have permission to. I just don't want those kinds of issues if possible. Of course, if there is an image posted without your consent and you are the legal copyright holder and you want it down, please email [email protected]. Preferrably I would like to just do it over a PM if possible.