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Social Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, And Instagram


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I just wanted to post an update on our social connections. It's been very volatile lately and my thoughts have changed a bit on how I view our social media strategy. I won't make this too long. I am just going to list each and where we are right now with them.
  • Twitter: The @tedsmarijuana account is locked out. I was in the middle of my move and switched countries...and phone numbers. The account got locked before I updated the phone number. It's the only option I have to validate the account and I am waiting on Twitter to respond to my email requests. For now, we have zero access to the account. This was completely my fault for not thinking about doing it. I don't know if Twitter will come back or not and I don't plan on starting over.
  • Instagram: Our first account got hacked into months ago and someone changed the email address. The only help Instagram will give is if you send in your company documents showing you are the owner. Well TMF is not a company on its own. It falls under my company, but it isn't part of it on paper because it would affect my financial bottom line negatively since marijuana isn't federally legal. I forgot about it, but wanted to try to start another one. It was banned in under 24 hours and I gave up. Nikki started another one and so far it hasn't been banned, but I have no hope that Instagram will be a long term solution and the time spent on it is not of interest to me.
  • YouTube: I got a video out last week and was working on another yesterday. The audio in my room is absolutely horrid and scrapped the video. I need to remove the echo and re-do the video. I am very serious about doing videos and starting the podcast, but my sound padding game needs to level up. I am actively working on this and I plan on doing big things this year with YouTube.
  • Tumblr: This is still my favorite horse in the race. In terms of #SEO we can really get a lot out of the platform. It's been almost completely under-used and I want to turn that around now that Twitter is possibly gone.
The only other thing I am doing is working on my personal blog and I am hoping for a big year all the way around. Please understand that I can't control the social platforms and it's not that we gave up. The platforms made a choice that we weren't part of their team, but I am hopeful that we will get our Twitter handle back. I will continue to email them in the meantime and will update how it rolls on.


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Update: Twitter account is back online. We did not lose 2 years of work and I am happy about it. I plan to keep rolling ahead on link building and more to get our traffic numbers even hire in Google search. I am just glad that ordeal is over. I also am working on building some kind of false wall that I can record with. My video audio sounds like I am in a can and that isn't good for first impressions.


Oh, that's terrible. If this happened to me, I would have fallen into a depression, and not that I would have come out of it. I just have a personal blog on Instagram, and I have invested a lot of effort and money in it. For four years, I searched for and tried to create exciting content, bought ads, and get real Instagram followers at great prices. I put all my energy into this business, and to my joy, it all paid off. Now Instagram is my stable source of income. I would go crazy if I was blocked. Just starting from the beginning is terribly complicated.
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