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Top Five Things To Expect When Your State Legalizes Marijuana

Jay Hidoshi

I Take Life Very Serious.
1. EXPECT THE AROMA OF SKUNK CROSSED WITH BLUEBERRY. "Blue Dream" was the number one selling strain of legal marijuana in the USA in 2015. A sativa dominant hybrid has achieved legendary status. A hybrid cross of Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze(60% sativa/ 4o% indica). This bud has a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent. Ultimately, Blue Dream is grown by legal grow houses across the nation for its characteristic of resisting powdery mildew.
2. EXPECT MORE PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS. More property transactions will be synonymous with an increase in property values. Potential marijuana properties are in demand and causing a lack of inventory in states where medical marijuana is legal. This demand has seen the cash buyer and the cash buyer makes for a quick closing. Compound this with the overseas cash buyer. The bulk of foreign investors are from Canada, China, and Japan.
Here is another factor that inflates real estate values.
Institutional buyers are causing part of the demand. Institutional buyers can be defined as buyers purchasing at least 10 residential properties or more in a calendar year, and are Wall Street backed companies.
3. EXPECT AN INCREASE IN ECONOMIC GROWTH. Some of the factors that will cause economic growth in a medical marijuana state: population increase from people moving to the state for medicine that is not legal in their state and jobs in an industry that are not legal in their state.
An increase in spending will cause economic growth. The entrepreneur will represent the private sector for the start of big spending. More citizens will have more money to spend due to more jobs. The increase in spending will also come from the public sector from the revenue made from the taxation on medical marijuana.
4. EXPECT TO PAY HIGHER MONTHLY RENT. When real estate is in high demand due to lack of inventory, the tenant will get a higher monthly rent. Marijuana farmers will also get a higher monthly rent because they will get overcharged.
5. EXPECT AN INCREASE IN POPULATION. Stoner's will move to a medical marijuana state for the many strains of marijuana to choose from and the many types of marijuana products, example: edibles, dabs, tincture, etc. Many families will move to a marijuana friendly state for easier access to medicine and marijuana jobs. Some of the people moving are marijuana entrepreneurs.

A medical marijuana business plan

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Good retirement plan.

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Jay Hidoshi

I Take Life Very Serious.
Thanks for the positive comment.

I want to write about some buzz in California but i need your accurate info and opinion for me to get my info on paper.
1) Let me first say that when Cali legalizes MJ ....they will make Colorado look like a small potatoe/ bud.
2) I need info. Is San Bernardino all bought up in the way of real estate for the potential commercial MJ grow facility?

If so
What is the rumor on the next mecca areas in California that are going to become commercial grow areas?

I can start my next blog with " my associate 'Dr_edible' has given me some good info for what's coming in Cali "




Sounds good man I'll start a private chat so we can bounce ideas around and you can tell me more about what kind of blog you want to start :) it's always great reading your stuff J, ttys!

- Dr_Edible