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The Numbers Don't Lie

Jay Hidoshi

I Take Life Very Serious.
I owned a medical marijuana dispensary back in 2008.
On a patient's first visit to the dispensary there is required paperwork to fill out. An additional survey questionnaire was also required at my dispensary. The vital questions on the survey were: 1) When was the first time you used marijuana? 2) Is this your first visit to a medical marijuana dispensary? 3) Do you prefer to smoke, vape, or ingest your marijuana?
The numbers revealed that 20% of newbies to medical marijuana wanted their medicine in an edible form. Why? because some people have no interest in smoking anything. They have zero tolerance for smoke.

This 2008 survey is just the tip of the iceberg. Edible medical marijuana can take the form of anything you eat and drink (ingest).
The popularity of edible products from the year 2008 to 2016 are staggering.

In the year 2015, marijuana edibles make-up over 40% of all marijuana transactions at legal Colorado marijuana stores.

CBD oil is currently more readily available to the consumer. CBD oil creates a whole new category of consumer to the industry. This is the consumer that chooses not to get high. They are looking for medicinal qualities without the psychoactive properties.
There are companies producing as much CBD oil products as possible. As of 2015, Colorado has two companies that report doubling their sales every month only trying to meet the demand. It's time for a new survey, because stoner's might be buying more CBD oil than the non-stoner.
It's my opinion that the industry will see more growth and new products are on the horizon.
In the city limits of Denver there are more marijuana stores than liquor stores. Retail stores are only part of the industry. Farming, processing, packaging, edibles, brands, advertising, marketing, etc....it's really just begun.