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What Is? The Best Way To Consume Cannabis With No Smell


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There are places in the world that the smell alone can get you caught up into some really bad situations. So I am curious what is the best way to eliminate the smell of marijuana and still enjoy a good high? Some of you are probably experts at concealing it in all facets so I would greatly appreciate any tips, stories or whatever you feel like sharing.

Jay W Greenflower

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Vape it. its very discrete.

It actually may be "Too" Discrete LOL. Next thing you know public VAPING will become illegal!


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Vaping has drawbacks. It is potent but you only get 1-2 draws off it before it needs reloading. You cant be whipping out your grinder in public. That being said waxes or oils may be the better way to go and should last longer.


The leaves, flowers, stem and seeds of this plant are used as a drug. Use smell-proof containers, the easiest method. Smoke outside. The smell comes from the part you're burning, not what you exhale. If you use a bong or a pipe, it won't stay lit very long so it won't smell as much.


Marijuana carries many healing properties that can be applied to the body through cannabis-infused topical medications -- no smoking, eating, or vaporizing necessary. These topicals can also be a great way to consume marijuana that doesn't cause odor. There are numerous benefits to balms, salves, lotions, and other products. Doctors and specialists recommend them to patients with outward and inward symptoms such as inflammation, skin irritation, muscle cramping, and other ailments.