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Weird Synthetics Seem More Addictive Than Cannabis


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I saw this video a while ago, but it resurfaced again on VICE's channel and I watched it again. Hamilton travels to New Zealand to meet a steam punk music artist turned into a #synthetic cannabis chemist. They show lot of footage to include the factories in China actively churning out the powder highs that last for 10-15 minutes.

I shared a video they did in the UK about the plaque of #addiction to these synthetics seem to grasp in a segment of the population. I am not an advocate of this, and I have never used it. I will never use it either. Something tells me that we have members that have used or currently do. I am curious if I have the right conclusion about this area?

If you don't want to use your TMF handle, you can always post anonymously in a reply. I would like to know more and maybe have this thread expand on the knowledge set a bit more on the creation, import/export, demand, consumption, death rate, addiction, and any other angles. I think this is a very good topic to discuss.