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Marketing Stoner With Results


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I am Ted, you might have heard of me. My issue happens to be that I am swamped with things to do. Nikki and I are banging away on social, I am keeping the site moving forward, but traffic is on an ever slow rise month over month. It would be awesome to find someone that is pro-marijuana that loved marketing and building traffic and growth streams besides myself so I can do the other things that are needed.

You have to have a pro-marijuana background, experience in marketing on and off social media, know how to setup Google Alerts, use tools that help the gainz, and have some kind of resume. I have been doing this for over 15 years so I can tell greatness from pseudo-greatness. This involves link building skills and all types of social marketing.

Job Description
I want to hire someone part-time to see how things work out and what you are capable of. If you are not a self-starter and go-getter than this will not work out. I don't count hours and I treat everyone with respect. You will be in charge of link building, content marketing, running a social page like G+, and basically normal traffic building jobs.

Location of Employment
Worldwide and it's work from home.

Part-time to see what you have in your skill bag. I am experienced in this stuff so I know what to look for.

Payment Methods
Paypal, Xoom, or some other way to send funds or payment in kind.

Anything Else

I want someone that I don't have to train and someone that is result oriented. I just don't have time to babysit. If you want training for this kind of stuff I am willing to do it, but the training is free and you don't get paid. This is an internship that doesn't paid. I am 99% trying to avoid this because I don't believe in free labor. So I will pay you a lower wage than normal if we go down this road. I want someone that is trustworthy, likes their job, and can deliver results.

Please start a conversation with me if you want to get into something like this. I am hoping to find someone within. I don't have a shit load of money as I am self-funding TMF but we need to grow.


Ted, we are a husband and wife freelance graphic design team, with a good deal of marketing and social media experience - and are used to working from home for clients with minimum supervision. We are on Facebook constantly, Twitter a lot. He has a background that includes customer service follow-ups and market research. We'd L <3 VE to get involved in a weed-based company. We live in Lansing, the capital of Michigan, and he is a medical marijuana card holder. We are familiar with Leafly and WeedMaps. We like to learn as much as we can about marijuana and the recreational/medical marijuana dispensary industry! We are proponents of complete legalization, an end to federal prohibition!

Here is a link to our website: Home

Our skpe is davidandleahkaye.weathers

And our email is [email protected]

We would love to converse with you and see if we are a good fit for this position!

Warm Regards,

David and Leah Kaye
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Thanks for the reply. Very cool area that you are in and I will certainly check you out.