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Other Soaring Up High, Thcv, African Strains


What some people may not know is that THCV is responsible for a soaring, ripped, high energy, focused high. Typically African landrace varieties are higher in THCV. By high I mean 2%. You wont find much higher than that. For sativa lovers that like this type of high, then I would say here is a quick rule.

Check the analytics. If its high in THCV great start! Your almost on your way to a soaring, up, heady, energizing high. Now you need to check the terpene profile.

Avoid these terpenes because they often contribute to a stoney type high or they alter the way THC affects you in a stoney way
- myrcene
- linalool
- borneol
- terpinolene

Those will cover the most common terpenes.

Now if the following terpenes are in your bud, they will enhance the affects of THCV and contribute to your energizing high.

- limonene
- pinene
- caryophyllene

Here are some strains that have in the past tested high in THCV. This wont mean that if you buy these strains they are high in THCV, every plant is different. But its a good starting point.

Strain--------Breeder---------% of THCV
Chernobyl ----TGA Subcool 2.13
Chupacabra ----SickMeds Seeds 2.00
Blue City Diesel---- Jordan of the Islands 2.00
Blue Rhino ----Positronics 1.50
Blue Hawaiian ----Jordan of the Islands 1.13
Qleaner ----TGA Subcool 1.00
Camelot Kush ----Dutchgrown Seeds 1.00
Sour Cheese---- Devils Harvest 1.00
Killing Fields F2 ----Sannies Seeds 1.00
William's Wonder ----SickMeds Seeds 1.00
Pandora's Box ----TGA Subcool 1.00
White Fire OG ----Raskal 1.00
Corleone Kush---- Cali Connection 1.00
Eldorado ----Sativa Seedbank 1.00
Stargazer ----Delta 9 Labs 1.00
Bizarre ----SickMeds Seeds 1.00
Plush Berry ----TGA Subcool 1.00
Afgooey Clone Only 0.93
Green Crack ----SickMeds Seeds 0.90
Double Dutch ----Magus Genetics 0.88
The Third Dimension ----TGA Subcool 0.83
Strawberry Diesel ----Reservoir Seeds 0.83
Green Crack Clone Only 0.75


I had some Chupakabra Cheese a friend grew that was awesome said it was high in THCV it was a different buzz sweet thoroughly enjoyed!