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Seedbank Review: Tssc(the Single Seed Centre)


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SeedBank: TheSingleSeedCentre.com
Overall Score: 8 out of 10
Number of seeds ordered: 4
Number of seeds received: 6
Stealth Packaging: Sort of. Id say its adequate but could be better. It would not be difficult for customs to find.
Guaranteed Delivery: Yes, after 30 days if product is not delivered they will resend.
Freebies: Yes, 2 extra seeds.
Time from order to deliver: 9 days from uk to USA.
Discretion: Packaging and billing statement were both free of indication of what the contents might be.
Price paid.$46.00
Anything else: This company's name explains why i chose to go with them and not seedsman at other's recommendations. They had a great selection of seeds and genetics that interested me at reasonable prices that i didnt have to commit to packs of 5. I didn thave to pay extra fees to have guaranteed shipping.

Summary: My only complaint would be that the item is not hidden in anyway. It is packaged in a way that keeps them safe very well but were right out htere to be seen if a package rips or is ripped off by a postal worker. That being said everything else is fair and top notch. I will definitely buy from them again.


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