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Ecology Research Update: New Lc/ms-ms Method Reported By Sciex


President, M³ Technical & Regulatory Services, LLC
Here's a quick research update:

Katherine Hyland and colleagues of SCIEX (which have offices in Redwood City, CA) have just published a new method for detection of pesticides on cannabis. She's available on ResearchGate and I am seeing if I cannot get a copy of the paper, which I hope to share here if possible.

~ The CannaBiologist

Planta Med 2016; 82 - PA35
DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1579771
Quantitation of Cannabinoids and Pesticides in Cannabis Products Using ESI LC-MS/MS
KC Hyland 1, C Borton 1, P Winkler 1, S Roberts 1, M Noestheden 1

With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis there is a growing concern about the types and amounts of pesticides present in plant and edible samples as well as concern for accurate cannabinoid analyses. States require testing for pesticides to demonstrate that they are free from contamination and have requirements for maximum amounts of cannabinoids allowed. This has created the need for robust, cost-effective analytical methods to facilitate routine testing. Testing of potency and pesticide residues is critical because there can be severe economic consequences for retailers if their labeling requirements are not accurate. Here, we present a unique LC-MS/MS method that can be used for trace level pesticide quantitation as well as high level cannabinoid measurement in one injection instead of two, thus doubling productivity. Examples of accurate quantitation are shown for a variety of cannabis products.