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Biology Research From University Of Mississippi


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Howdy folks,

I was recently at the Society of Toxicology annual meeting, where I got the chance to talk to a researcher at the infamous Univerisity of Mississippi "federal pot farm."

Much to my delight, the doctoral student was looking at ways to use alternative toxicological testing systems to examine the biological effects of cannabinoids. In this case, he was using the zebrafish model to examine reproductive and developmental effects of CBD vs CBD oil. This is not necessarily new, however it is new to the folks at U Miss (afaik).

I was amused by all of this as I have always somewhat "poo-pooed" the U Miss research as being narrow in scope due to limited # of strains they cultivate and perform research with. However, the U Miss folks had a visit from the developers of the Charlotte's Web strain and they went on to cultivate a high CBD strain for research purposes.

Not only that, but they are taking a page from the modern toxicology playbook to advance the knowldege of cannbinoid biology, which is something I have opined about elsewhere.

I tell you what - the trip down there was worth it for the blackened alligator and The Original Debris and talking to the folks at U Miss.

~ The CannaBiologist