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Can I? Replace Alcohol With Weed?


Hello, i have been smoking 1 gram of weed for 2 years now and i am facing serious health problems 110bpm resting heart beat , breathing problem, fatigue, very intense dream, nausea,short term memory loss. and i sleep for 14 hours a day and i believe i have devloped a psychosis now.
I have been gradually decresing my use to 0.1 gram a day and i am quiting weed from tomarrow for 30 days and then want to use it only once a month. it is hard to be off everything . everytime weed was not availeble i drank some alcohole and i was fine i did not crave for weed. so i am planning to drink 180ml of whiskey every day for 30 days but i am wondering if that will inturupt the process of cleaning weed out of my body? n so if i drank whiskey for 30 days and smoked no weed will i feel crave for weed after 30 days? will i have weed in my system after 30 days?
i dont want to clean weed for any job but just to be healthy. thank you.
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Well it's not a bad thing to try. Ultimately we all have to find what works for each of us. Are you using a certain strain or just what you can get your hands on? I am not a doctor so I can't say that the weed is causing those kinds of issues, but I would certainly consult a doctor because it could be something completely unrelated.

Are you taking any medications or have been diagnosed with any kind of illness? Thank you for sharing your issues with all of us as well. I hope you can find some caring people around here that want to help and support your efforts along the way. I would personally not replace weed with alcohol because there is no medical benefits switching to whiskey. Perhaps a glass of wine, but even that is not going to solve the issues you described.

Is it just your experience in the switch that makes you want to try this over the period of a month? Alcohol is addictive for many so I would strong advise getting seen by someone before driving down that road. I love whiskey, but I haven't touched in 13 years for good reason. Just some thoughts and I hope others will add something to the conversation. It's a good question.