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Erin Tyrus

Massive recruitment into an International new Dispensary industry Continental cannabis dispensary Ltd .We are currently looking for skilled and unskilled young and strong dynamic workers World Wide to assists us in the following domains.
Trimmers, Bud tenders, Edible Packagers, Growers, Extractors etc...Applicants must be at least 18 Years of Age or Older.
Continental cannabis dispensary is a Legal, Licensed Marijuana Dispensary established in California since 2015 after the new legislative law was made.
Note this continental cannabis dispensary Ltd do not accept Applicants who do not possess all our necessary licenses demanded or can not relocate, .Salaries ranges from $150 per hour depending on your working position
We are only responsible for the transportation and accommodation of successful applicants into our various branches workers are needed.
Contact us with your country of nationality and CV
Click here the link below to apply directly to the head office

Email... [email protected]

Phone: +1 (949) 328-7267

WhatsApp: +1 (805) 270-5144

Contact.... Erin Tyre



Yes, such professions are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many young people find this opportunity to build a successful career in this aspect. I am not going to blame their choice, no... I just wanted to say that I also used to think that it's a possibility to make your life easier and happier. I began to smoke marijuana in school, it was a 'pink period' of my addiction. Unfortunately, I realized that I am addicted only ten years after then. Firstly, it really helped me to deal with everyday problems. Marijuana has a medical effect what I have found www.koalitymedicinals.com here. But what do I have in my life? Drugs addiction until the end of my life. So please, think twice before making such a risky step in your life. Good luck!
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