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Other Prefixing The Q & A Forum


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I have done this to all the forums so we can get information quicker and help sort the entire community. I think the Q & A is an important area especially with social media. I see questions every day on Twitter, Facebook, and else where. Now we have it in style right here.

My goal is to make sure we have the right prefixes and I am sure we can adjust these as we go forward. If I missed something or a prefix seems to be stupid to even have then left me know in a reply to this thread. I want to improve the process so we can get TMF on the stage so we can show off our style. Here is the prefixes I added using my gut:
  • Can I?
  • Left Field
  • Snopes It
  • What If
  • Verify
  • Other
There you go. Is it right? Does it cover everything? I am open to any feedback in order to make this the best it can possibly be. Plus, by doing it this way saves how many forums we need. I hope this is a good start!