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Police Commissioner


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This could be a great way to change the power dynamics here in the US and elsewhere. Our young folks could easily start winning local elections like this and just start slashing how things are ran. Hell, maybe I will look at trying for one of these roles in the future. It's all about the power shift and glad to see this happening in the UK.


Yes Ted, I don't think this was the intention when the role of police commissioner was introduced, more likely it was to deflect perceived responsibility for the the across the board budget cuts the current government have been running. But what a happy consequence it is that for the first time responsibility for policy making toward drug regulation has been taken out of the hands of the politician's.I can't believe my good fortune to be living in the right county
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Police go where politicians fear to tread, this change of heart brought about by financial restraints imposed on the UK police by the current conservative government I suspect. Curious how change can come about in a way you would never have anticipated, driven by the oppressive forces which have kept the good weed down for so long. There is even a reference to the medicinal properties of cannabis :)