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Everything Only One Welcome Message & Full Text In Email


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This is so minor but it's worth at least a mention. Previously to this post a new member would get the same welcome message in the #conversations on the site and an email of the same thing. I am saving the emails and only sending it through an initial message through the site. So it cuts out a big chunk of resources on my end and saves the duplicate message on yours.

The other piece is the full text in a thread you are watching or a conversation you might be having with someone. I don't see these and nor do I want to. I had originally set this so people would have to come back to the site to engage. Fast-forward to today and I don't really care about the returns for this. Let's save each other time and just provide the entire thing so you don't have to log back on just to read a response. Hopefully this is appreciated and remember you cannot reply to a message through your email.

To send a reply you have to do that on site. I wish this wasn't the case and the developers biggest concern is #security. On the main site www.tedsmarijuana.com you can reply by email. I am still hoping for this feature to come in so I can give it to everyone. It's about communication and not numbers.