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Helpful Online Courses To Learn About Cannabis And More


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In the chat @Glowie713 asked, "Hey everyone I was wondering if there's an online course that could be taking for medical marijuana" , and I decided to look. This list may not be specifically and only medical marijuana, but they are worthy to look at.
Additionally, I have added the category of Education to the directory so we can not just list them, but also allow people to discuss the educational organizations.

This list will grow (no pun intended) as I find more courses that may interest further learning. I will only post free courses here as well so no "mastermind" groups, or shit like that. I am ALL about some learning! That means taking courses or sorting information that I might not agree with too. Knowledge and a learning environment should make you uncomfortable. It means you are open-minded and receiving other's ideas.

I will add that I taught at the college level for 5+ years and have a B.F.A. in Visual Communications and several hundred hours of instructional design and curriculum development. I have never thought about potentially using my skills in an area like this. I will soak it all in and see if there is something I could bring to the table that would be meaningful.
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