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Directory No Double Dipping


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As I was having some quiet time today I had thought about how websites have social media, and real businesses have websites and social media. It got confusing to say the least. So I wanted to be clear that you don't get to double dip in the directory. I have it set that each member is allowed 2 entries into the directory.

Each item should be of the highest organization. Which means that if you have a website and a Facebook page for example, you would list the website and the social page in the entry of the website. You don't get to put separate entries for each of your platforms. I will delete any that doesn't abide by the highest of magnitude rule.

If you are struggling still let me help you. You want to tell people about your Facebook page and your Pinterest page, and you think it's a good idea to create 2 directory entries. No, pick one or the other, because if you do this after this rule is implemented I will delete both and take directory permissions away.

A "brand" gets one entry. That's it. You are able to list all the platforms, places, or whatever else on that 1 brand's entry. Let me know if you are in doubt. I would love to answer questions instead or deleting someone's hard work.

Note: Having multiple entries does not help with SEO. All the link in the world you get here to your page still equals 1 link in Google's eyes. A well written and awesome entry submission will do so much better than multiple shitty ones.


Hi there! I know that some people are actually making money on their own websites. I have a few ideas for the webs, maybe some topics, that might be interesting to some audience. But I have no idea how to make a website profitable


Hello Ace864! There is nothing to be ashamed of. Not everybody who has its own website knows how to make them. It is good that you have a few ideas, and you are willing to share them. Your ideas might be useful for somebody else. I’ve read GrooveFunnels review and found out that there is a bunch of software that can help you to build any desired online platform. It is a bunch of platforms that you can create. Maybe you can choose something suitable for you since I have no idea what kind of website you are willing to create. Check that article, the guy explains the difference between platforms, and it might make things clear for you.
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