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Nieuws Uit Nederland


Weed doctor
Hello Weed loving people from The Netherlands on this forum you can talk about Europe and the rules and government regulations ! I wonder where are The Dutch people, things have changed their is a 5 gram buying rule in The Coffeeshops. Almost all the growshops are gone, so buying a lamp or soil or anything related to growing Marijuana has gone under ground. In the past their were many Growshops (like 2 years ago) Then the police came in full force and closed all the Growshops and stormed in any house who they believed had a growing garden with Marijuana. Now all the people with a good hart for this amazing plant follow the 5 plant rule. So you can grow but no more than 5 plants. That means that the big criminal organizations took over the market and people who buy their Weed in a Coffeeshop are most likely smoking Weed with poison on it. We are still exporting huge amounts of Weed to other countries so this has not changed only the players changed. We all hope that soon growers can get their license and grow, pay taxes and only sell to the Coffeeshops good biological Weed.