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Ask a Pro Newbie On A Journey

Hi guys. New to this whole growing thing. I would really appreciate all the help I can get. Let me give u a run down of what I have so far. I have a 4×2×7 grow tent. With a 450w LED grow light. I'm investing in 10 seeds, 3 ww, 3 bubblegum kush, and 3 super silver haze. What would b a awesome batch of nutes for a beginner such as myself.


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Are you doing soil? I think fox farms nutrient trio is a great entry level batch of nutrients to try without being too expensive. If you want a little bit better then I suggested advanced nutrients but that can get pricy and confusing as they have alot of different ones. Also if you go to this link here 1fichier.com: Cloud Storage You can download a document I have created with a list of companies that offer nutrient samples for free or very cheap. I highly recommend checking out nectar for the gods as it is one of the best values and got here quickly. House brand nutrients woul dbe next. Large samples but takes a long time to get.