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Forum New Search System & Notifications


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Just some minor #updates. Today we have installed a third-party #search system to allow the search to be fast and much better than previous. I am opening the ideas that there are better tools out there that can make the user experience better here. That is a very important thing that I try to consider each and every time I make a change.

This isn't something you would have noticed on its own, but it's important enough that I wanted to write a quick post to let people know. You can refine your search in a lot of different ways and find what you are looking for. It doesn't hurt that it looks good and blends in well too. Hopefully, you will find this feature beneficial and I hope to get feedback on whether or not it is so I know if it's something we should keep on hand in the future.

I have also decided to bring back #notifications on an opt-in basis only. If you choose to setup the notifications you will get to choose for what and then the site will send out emails to let you know. We had this before and I turn it off to respect people's privacy. All it did was leave people completely out of the loop and I want people to know what is going on around the community. If you don't want them anymore just simply log in and adjust your notifications.

Enjoy the new changes and please let me know if they were worth the changes!