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My Next Video Editing Computer Build


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I build #computers fairly often as I gather up the parts to do so and I share them if I think it matters. I have decided to share the next build because it's a #workstation for video and audio editing. I have never built something like this before for a specific purpose. I usually use AMD for gaming (kids) and cost. My home server is Intel i3 and Supermicro combo which was a cool build that I will share soon. That's a Freenas box.

Why am I sharing this? Some of you might be doing video or thinking about it. I know I am, but I have been trying to buy only when it makes sense. I am currently using a AMD FX 8230 and Sabertooth board and it does fine for everything, but I want something better on power, heat, and speed. I am not rich or made out of money like many so I slow rolled this.

Here are the parts I grabbed over the past 15 months when deals were online. Get your deals using this subreddit. Now the list:

  • Motherboard $120 2015 Cyber Monday frys.com - MSI x99a Raider
  • CPU $148 f/s eBay December 2016 - Xeon ES LGA 2011-3 2650 10c 20t 2.2GHz
  • GPU $200 for pair Feb 2016, local FB group - 2 AMD 7970 3GB RAM
  • SSD $249.00 Amazon Jan 2017 - Samsung 960 Evo M.2 3x4 500GB
  • PSU: $99 f/s Amazon Nov 2015 - Sentry 1000W module
  • Case $105 f/s Amazon Dec 2015 - Cosair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower
  • Optical Drive $35 Dec 2016 Amazon - LG Blu-Ray DVD Writer
  • OS - Win7 Ultimate, I hated Win 8.1 and didn't want Win10
I am leaving out my CPU cooler because I haven't decided what I will use yet. This is not for gaming what so ever and my next buy will be a new GPU when the prices fall. I want the GTX 1080 for more power and less power consumption and heat. At a total of $956, but to be fair I am using parts from the computer I am using now. Mainly swapping the MB and processing along with the SSD.

I am running a 500GB Samsung Evo SATA SSD that I got in 2015 during the Cyber Monday for $99 f/s. That little dude still has a lot of life left and I plan on using it as either an E:/ drive or as a L2ARC cache drive in my home server. It is possible that I use it as a dual boot with Linux Mint 18. I only use Windows for Adobe products. Otherwise I am Linux 100%. KDE distro if you are curious but I am not mad at Cinnamon.

Side note: I picked up 2 250 WD SATA SSD's from Dell at $19.98 f/s each. They haven't shipped yet so it might be a price mistake.

The CPU was the hardest part. I had no idea how limited my choices were going to be and the minimum I could use to get all of the features for the board was $400+. Nope, wasn't going to do it. I decided to search eBay after a ton of research and grabbed an engineering sample (ES). These are loaned out to third-parties so they can see what is coming out. The are not to be sold and they are not usually the same as the final product. So I was able to score the 10 core process. I wanted the 12c for $50-60 more, but I think $148.00 was a good spot in case I have issues with it.

I just geeked over my 1st cup of tea this morning. Hope you enjoyed it :)


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I completely forgot that I made this thread! I just rendered my first video on the machine at 192kps audio, 1920 x 1080 and used 17 of the 20 threads of the CPU. The file was only 111 MB and it finished in 20 seconds. These high core xeons are worth the investment. At $148 on eBay I did way better than my original plan. I will say that the x99 platform can be a rough build but I nailed it first time and it was worth every penny I saved and part by part collecting.

If you are looking at the next upgrade and you are going to use your station for non-gaming then this is where is at. If you have built one of these already then let me know how you love it. Even this it is only 2.2Ghz it is a beast in it's own right.


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That CPU should be closer to 800$, whys it so cheap?


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That CPU should be closer to 800$, whys it so cheap?
These CPUs are called Engineering Samples that are sent all over the world to refine the architecture. They are not supposed to be sold, but they are. You have to look at each listing on eBay or elsewhere for the ones marked ES. Also, you have to look at the steps that listed. A step is a revision. So mine is a step 1 which works just fine, but really you would want a step 2, 3, or the highest. These ES chips are used for motherboard makers and other hardware manufacturers so they can provide the parts on announcement day. I guess they are supposed to destroy these gems...but don't.

My 10 cores are beasts. My renders have gone from hours to minutes or seconds and it's incredible. I watch the system use all of the threads (20) when doing editing and so on. I don't game so I don't care about the 2.2GHz. I want more cores though!

Honestly, this is probably the last build like this for a while. The next one will more than likely be a Ryzen setup. Who knows, right? For now, I love what I built! Now I just need to wait for my software to be on Linux and life will be amazing.