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Advice My Family's Budget And The Draconian DEA Law


I don't know if this a good forum to post this in, but my family is in a very painful bind. Long story short, my near 5 year old toddler son is on the autism spectrum, he has special needs and my husband and I are giving him hemp oil we bought at a discount supermarket. It's helping him a bit, but we believe Charlotte's Web will help him even more. The problem is we don't have the money to buy an MMP card, sorry if I called it the incorrect name, but I'm still learning all this stuff about the world of cannabis and the industry. My husband and I are as anti big pharma as it gets. We are 100% holistic herbalists and we are big cannabis advocates. We have read countless health success stories that inspire us and strongly give us the motivation to go in the same direction for wellness. We live in NW Oregon and while there are many dispensaries, we read that an MMP card is needed for our son to be seen by a doctor. We don't have the money to do this, which is very painful and we are environmentally ill and no physician is willing to accommodate our severe chemical sensitivity and make sure their offices and staff are scent-free so we can breathe and feel safe. We have had 1 door slammed in our face after another and we are seeking legal help. Our son needs help. Thankfully he doesn't suffer from seizures, though 1 of his spectrum red flags is a stretching tightening of his muscles and makes an excited face and it seems like it might be some kind of seizure, but we aren't sure. He needs a spectrum diagnosis from a neurologist or other specialist, but again, his disability is not being accommodated. My husband and I have painful health issues also and we have some bud, 1 is blackberry kush, not sure about the other 1, we bought them at a local herb store that sells cannabis. We both tried toking and it helped a little, but it also made us feel very weird and we are not used to that, so for me personally, I have just stuck with drinking chamomile tea to stay calm and relaxed and organic essential oils. I have never tried hallucinogenics so this is a new world for me and I'm totally supportive of all of it, but I am very sensitive and I need to be very careful. My husband and I don't know what to do and we have to be very careful who we talk to because even though it's legal here, it's sketchy about young children taking it. We need kind caring gentle support and advice, please, thank you.


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Hello fellow oregonian. I can actually be helpful here. Are you receiving snap benefits? Is you or your child on the state provided medicaid/medicare (cant remember which is fore retirement and which is for disabled and unemployed folks) oregon has a wealth of state programs that can help you out. If you receive snap,medicare/medicaid, and a few other things it reduces the cost of the MMP card. very significantly. My ex fiance was on disability and i researched this heavily.

There isnt going to be any place medical facility wise that you can go to that would not have any scents. It would be discrimination for a company to say you cant wear scented deodorant or wash your hair with any scented shampoos. Thats not a fair or realistic expectation for you to make of anyone. Im not trying to be cruel just realistic. Is breathing through the mouth an option that could prevent you from the headache or other issue you have with scented things?

If you want a relaxing strain that doesnt make you feel to strange or paranoid look for one called Jazz. The best wya i can describe how it made me feel was like...being hugged. It took away my pain made me feel warm and light and id watch a tv show before going to bed and wake up feeling clear minded. There are many many different strains and some can have near narcotic effects as far as making you feel goofy and silly whereas others will make you feel more relaxed and lazy. Speak to your bud tender they are usually very knowledgeable and have tried most of the strains there. CBD vs THC are you familiar with the two? THC is the psychoactive ingredient that gets you high. CBD is what you should be after for your son. No psycho active but gives the medical benefits. You can buy it in strong concentrations as well and this is the one that is commonly used for medical benefits. Charlottes web like you mentioned is a high CBD strain of cannabis. You can use it in cooking even and try to supercharge your health and wellness benefits with good foods.

My favorites were pineapple express, purple kush, girlscout cookies, or Jazz. Go pick up a gram and see if it helps. Oh also there are specific clinics for medical marijuana. You can find a doctor that will specialize in marijuana and make recommendations and help you get your card. But like i said th scent thing. No one is going to accomodate that request you need to fin d away to work around it or with it. Compromise and good communication will be key. But for example a quick google search for oregon weed doctor children brought me here. http://mercycenters.org/libry/i_Children.HTML Which they say theres 52 children in oregon on the program and they have an email address and phone number at the top of the page. Since they are in oregon and have children on the program perhaps they have some more information.


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Hello my name is Peer and if you can’t find good CBD Olie for your son and the site approves I’m willing to send some to you with out any costs. The road Lymmie is talking about is sure the one to follow but if you feel you fall between the cracks I’m willing to help you just because no little boy and the family shoot have to go true such a difficult road. If the Global Moderator are fine with it we go from there.