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Budtender MMJ Dispensary Seeking Applicants (hiring And Training Asap)

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MMJ Dispensary Seeking Applicants (Hiring and Training ASAP)
Text or call +1 (323) 325-1164
We have many positions available and plenty advancement opportunities. We are looking for dedicated workers who are friendly and approachable. Individuals who are well organized and have good work ethics. We need individuals who stand out above the rest pay attention to details and are able to handle unexpected situations in a professional manner. while still productively working in an upbeat fast paced environment. Multi-tasking and having good communication skills is definitely required.We operate 365 days a year so we require a flexible/open schedule.
Come and Be part of the Cannabis movement NOW!
We start training ASAP, So please be ready to Start working .
We are looking for ladies and gentlemen with the following skill set:
Ability to multitask between reception and Budtending
Strong mathematical skills Highly Recommended.
Personable and Professional
Knowledgeable of strains and concentrates
Honesty is a must & a Plus!!!
Must have an open schedule and reliable transportation.
MUST HAVE A... Presentable Appearance, Organization Skills, Basic Computer Skills, Cannabis Knowledge, Reliable Transportation, and Basic Math Skills is a must.
To be considered, you have to reply with ALL of the following items to see if you are able to follow directions:
1) Your name and phone #:
2) Your weekly availability:
3) How soon you are able to start:
4) send us your FB or IG link just show us that you are fun and positive and all-around awesome ;)
5) Detail any experience in the MMJ industry, if you have any
6) Your RESUME -- we want to know where you've worked, what you have experience in, when, and what not.


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Job announcements are good to see.
Wishing y'all the best success.

Q. General location?
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