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Mexico Wants To Legalize All Drugs


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Mexico is looking to have a conversation with the US to legalize all drugs. This is something I have supported for a long time, being that this is how you take back the power from cartels and black markets. I know this will not happen due to the money in politics from players like big pharma, but as Americans, we should want to see this happen. Think about the benefits.

  • Dose and quality regulation - know exactly what you are taking so it doesn't kill you
  • Better recovery and addiction help
  • Reducing crime and untaxed money
  • Research across the board
  • and many more benefits
A user from Reddit (u/Burke_of_Yorkshire) wrote this for a bit of historical background.

AMLO (The Current President of Mexico) is a follower of the philosophy of Lázaro Cárdenas. Cárdenas was a general during the revolution, and served as President of Mexico from 1934-1940. Cárdenas was a progressive who instituted vast reforms in a lot of areas. AMLO uses Cárdenas strategies as his own. Forgoing fancy vehicles, a presidential palace, or even bodyguards are just a few of Cárdenas moves that AMLO has copied. Now in his last year in office, Cárdenas put forth perhaps his most progressive reform yet. Full decriminalization of all drugs. Addicts were given prescriptions at 1/20th of the street cost, and their rehabilitation was overseen by physicians and pharmacists. Killing criminals' profits while also treating addiction as the disease that it is.

Unfortunately, six months later Mexico was forced to repeal the law due to a threat of a pharmaceutical boycott by the US Government.

It seems AMLO is trying to finish what Cárdenas started.