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Mama From Canada

Mama Jane

Hi everyone! I'm Mama Jane, first time on tedsmarijuanaforum. Looks like a great community! I'm a mother from Toronto, Canada, exploring how to be both a pot smoker and responsible parent.
Looking forward to being part of the community!


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Heyo Mama. Welcome to the community. Speaking as the child of a pot smoker. Things will work out. =) Promise!


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Welcome to the community @Mama Jane! Thanks for the compliment on the community too. We are about to get a major overhaul with new code in the next 30-60 days I think and I am very excited for the new improvements that are coming our way.

It's good to have some more folks from Canada around too. We have a handful of members from the great north that pop in and out. Let us know if there is anything we can improve or just some suggestions. I am always looking for ways to make this community better.