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Kickstarter Life After Cannabis Prohibition Movie

Hi everyone,

We are in the process of creating an anti-prohibition movie called "life after cannabis prohibition"

It aims to portray what life will be like for society after it ends, ie the world didn't fall apart. We are going to show all the positive outcomes of how peoples lives have been changed when prohibition ends. A snap shot into the future if you will.

There is countless anti-cannabis propaganda movies out there and we feel the time is right to get this clever anti-prohibition movie out.

We would love any feedback on how it would change tour life for the better but most importantly we need exposure and of course funding! We have launched our funding campain 2 days ago and so far have secured 2 backers.

Can you help with this and supports the movie and help end prohibition sooner?


Together we can make a difference

Kind regards

Steven mclean