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Can I? LED Lamp


Hey guys! I'm a first time grower and I'm after buying 2 autoflower seeds and was wondering what's the best watt LED lamp to use? A friend said 130 watts is this enough? And what's the best height to have it at?


The G8LED 450 has a 6-foot power cord to give you more placement options without having to run an extension. It also offers an 8-band wavelength ratio for optimal flowering, plus added IR and UV light. It remains cool to the touch while running.

You can google other LED lamp and check the reviews before you buy the right one.
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So ive grown a few plants under a 300 watt LED with 10 watt chips. They do great during vegetation but they arent penetrating the canopy well during flowering. That being said if you do a screen of green setup a 300 watt LED would be fine. I would not go less than 300. Indoor - Lymmie's Dankanomics And Rudimentary Dankistry` Here is my grow journal. Im using 300w king LED and 1600 watt mrosen LED. The 1600 watt is garbage. you can see ho much healthier the plants under the 300 are versus the one under the 1600. If you can afford it maybe look into cob LED grow lights. It seems to be the best way to go now but is a bit pricey.