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Forum I Upgraded the Community to 2.0


My Friends Call Me Ted
Welcome to TMF 2.0! I finally sat down with a clear mind and upgraded our entire software. It took well over a 1,000 hours to make TMF 1.0 so this isn't finished. It will take me a while before we are whole again and I need to learn this new system too. The good news is that the site is faster, slicker, and ready for prime time. With all of this good news, comes some bad news. Let's talk about first.

Some of the features we had before like the Wiki, FAQ, Articles, and others never got picked up for the makeover. The developers didn't make the transition and this leaves with holes in the site, but I will search for alternatives. That's a ton of content lost, but it can be rebuilt. Perhaps it isn't needed any ways. We had a lot going on before and removing some of these features can allow for a more streamlined community. The point is that it won't be 100% like it was. I know this and as I find a suitable alternative I will try to incorporate it. This may take time and some of your favorite features may never return.

The good news is that things are even better. We have some new functionality and the site as a whole just feels more polished. I have been dreading the move because I know the work it involves, but it's worth it. I need TMF in my life and I hope some of you will feel the same. I want this to be around for a long time. Over the next few weeks, I will be making daily changes and getting things tweaked. If there are any kinds of features you think we need please feel free and let me know. I will consider all reasonable suggestions.

I need to get used to this new setup as well as you. We will do it together and I am really hoping for an even better community going forward (not that any of you were bad to hang out with before)!