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Social How To Get A Retweet, Shares, Shoutouts...etc?


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I find that it is becoming more and more that as the TMF Twitter account grows to 50K followers and beyond that I am getting hit up a lot for actions. These actions are retweeting, sharing, or a second shoutout. I love social and helping people out. Yes! Yes, I want to do it. I usually look the member up in the directory and see they aren't a member or they are a member but have done nothing in the community.

That is a deal breaker. This isn't Ted's "One-Way Street" Marijuana Forums.

I even wrote an FAQ on how to get Twitter shoutouts and more. I know that only having this in one place isn't good enough. So I am doing a how-to on it! This time it's in video format though.

Space reserved for video that I will do in a little while.
I will give you all the love in the world if I see you giving the community it in return. There is far to many takers and not enough givers. Need that second shoutout? Cool let me check your profile, hmm...I don't see you as a member. Or, hmm..."I see you registered a month ago and didn't even participate or upload an avatar". I am not interested in lifting a finger if you aren't on that 2-way street with me. It's not being a dick, but rather asking for a little in return.

Here is a short list of things you can do to grab my attention:
  • Post quality content in the community.
  • Reply to threads with quality content.
  • Upload an avatar and fill out your profile.
  • Share the community on social.
  • Chat once in a while.
  • Have a presence in some form or fashion in the community.
Hopefully this helps people how to get social love. I want to help you too so let's work together.