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Forum How To Add Your Twitter Handle


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I have noticed a trend of people adding profile updates with the Twitter handle or adding it into their posts and I don't mind, but there is a better way. I purposely created the Twitter content block so we can avoid these types of posts add-ins. Don't take this the wrong way, I want more people to follow you, but I want high-quality posts. In order to get your name out there so people are even remotely interested in following you, you have to give them a reason. Just posting your handle is not enough. You have to provide value for them. Here is how you setup the Twitter name in your member card.

Here is where you click to get to the details.
Okay that's fairly straight forward. We need to get into the profile to add the Twitter handle, but specifically the contact details. This is the spot under the contact details to add your handle without the @ sign. I could have done the whole url, but it seemed like this was the better way.
You will notice that this is the only line to add only your username. I still don't know if I should have done the complete URL or just the handle. For now it's just the handle though. Once you add yours and click save this is how it will show up when you create a post.

Every time you make a post your Twitter handle will show just like mine. You don't have to add it into your posts, upload media with your name on it, or anything else that devalues your content. Instead you can focus on adding to a conversation. I personally hate people adding nonsense just for the sake of plugging their social media profile. I prefer that they contribute something meaningful and therefore I normal delete wasteful posts. I have a high respect for the forum and member's time and I want them reading something worth their click.

Help me make the community better by adding your info and then just jump into the content. I promise you will see a higher reward than posting your name everywhere.