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Oils & Butter Help! First time making canna butter with water!


Hi!! I’m new here and could realllly use some help.

I used to always cook my canna butter with the weed directly inside the pot (no water), and I had my first issue the other day but I was able to fix it!

I made a new batch last night with water, and the color isn’t that beautiful green that I’m used to. Instead, I got a light yellow with a green hint, and I’m afraid that the potency isn’t high.

I was wondering if I should try cooking the weed in the butter again?

I used:
- 50g of bud 15% THC
-1lb of butter
- 8 cups of water

Got the butter warm and melted, added my weed, and turned down the heat to a low simmer & let it sit there for 4 hours stirring every like 15-20 min or so. Once the 4 hours were up my stove was still on but my mixture was not really warm to the touch I could say maybe even room temperature. Is this normal when simmering with water? I tried the butter and it has a faint weed taste.

I’ve been in stress mode since last night trying to figure this out!

Please help ❤ Thank you.