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Has Anyone Else Lost A Longtime Pet


My best friend my dog Max just passed away this morning from progressive heart failure. He was 14 and my family will miss him badly. He saved our lives a few yrs ago from a fire if not for him waking us we would have probably all have died. Didn't know exactly where to post this so if I'm in the wrong place forgive me but I needed to honor my old friend. RIP max miss u boy


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Wow, this brings me old memories too.
3yrs ago, I realized how hard it is to be a man, at age 60+.

Mother 91 passed, (put down)
Year later, father passed, (put down)
A week later, Father's dog passed, (put down)
2 weeks later, my fav chicken died.
6 months later, my best dog ever of 15 yrs, had to be put down.

You can't make this crap up.

I found myself, pushing past the emotions, so the one's I love, can continue.
(Dirty jobs, done dirt cheap)

The good memories are always mine to keep.
Regards brother.