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Google Plus Is Shutting Down


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Just in case people missed it earlier this month, Google Plus had a data breach and it was a big deal. They opted to shut down G+ on Dec 11, and the product will be completely gone in March next year. If you have things you need to save or communities you wish to follow onto another platform then this is the time to do it. About 5 weeks until it's not a thing anymore and I would hate for anyone to realize this too late.

G+ was a great platform for speech and meeting folks. The problem was Facebook owns this space and not many people used the service enough. We have an awesome community there of almost 1,500 folks and I hope they will migrate here, but that's only if they know. I will miss the platform, but it's probably good that they are finally putting it to rest since they stopped developing for it years ago.

What are your plans for the shutdown? I am just going to let it die. No need to take anything from it, but it was a good run while it lasted.