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Fundraising: Read Before Posting


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I am adding this section on a probationary basis. I don't want fundraising campaigns added to the directory. As some have found, I do not allow double dipping (more than one directory submission for the same thing). A solution to this is having a fundraising section like this so there can be more conversation about the fundraiser in question.

Rules are simple:
  • I will remove any fundraising that is not cannabis related.
  • I will remove anything that does not look legit.
  • GoFundMe's are rarely accepted.
  • Any continuous breaking of the rules and you will receive warnings and eventually a ban from the section or the entire community.
I am asking the community at large to use this section responsibly. I am also asking the members to help validate any listings and report the ones that don't seem right or that you might have bad dealings with.

What you should add:
  • Content so people want to support your submission.
  • A link to your fundraiser
  • Images if need be and/or video
  • A call to action
I know some will put a title and a link and call it good. I will delete your submission and revoke your ability to post in this section. Please respect this section and the rest of us by adding reasonable content to your post.