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Hi everyone, since @Cancun Manny had noted in a reply that they weren't sure how active the forum is I figured I would address it a little bit here since I can see the numbers and it's been a long time. Before I do, I need to address the slump on the site.

I am now a disabled veteran. When I built the forum I was still in great shape without issues. That was in 2013, but since then I had some spinal issues. The last 6 months I have been getting significantly better with the help of the VA. I needed to take time off and didn't have the funds or the help to continue the activity that I had in the first few years. I am about 60-70% back to normal as of today and I check this site every single day.

We have a little bit of forum activity these days versus none really between 2017-2019. To show exactly what is happening I am going to share the June 2020 analytics with everyone below.

You will notice that we had about 400 visitors and most have never been to the site before. They didn't stay long because the content is stale and what's the point on a dead forum right? I can understand this, but people are still looking!

At one point I thought the right move was to close TMF. I thought my health was gone and I had no one to transfer this to, to continue the project. I am glad I didn't and I am not going to. This website costs me about $15/year to operate plus my time. I would be a fool to close it for the equivalent of lunch at Chili's. Honestly, the morphine I was on for 3 years really fucked me up and my mind. I have been off pills for 2 years and I have been recovering. For those that stuck around I want to say thank you.

This brings me to the first point, I am not closing this website. I have someone I can hand this to now so I don't see a future that TMF doesn't exist unless I am forced somehow. We have been up since December 2013 and going strong.

Every morning I get up, pour a glass of tea, check the site and manage spam and replies and then I stream on Twitch for 5 hours. I check in several times a day as I always have. I just struggle at posting because of mental issues and writers block most of the time. I also feel like no one is listening and "what's the point?". It's my issue and no one else's but this is the truth. Facebook groups really put a dent in online forums too. Even with all of this said, I will be here every day. I will continue to build and grow the site as best as I can. If you have a desire to post here then know that I will read it.

The site is fully functional and I hope one day I will get to meet more people and make those connections. If you need anything please DM me. I don't check any of the TMF emails so don't bother. It's only spam at this point and I should be utilizing the message function of the site anyways. With one exception, I will setup an email address by Fall for ban appeals. I will check them from time to time, but those that want to be here, send a DM when you need something. Until then, I will be here everyday, all day.