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GoFundMe Floridas Draconian Marijuana Laws


Hello, my name is Orion and I am in a lot of trouble for possessing a very small amount of marijuana in the state of Florida. I am contacting marijuana enthusiasts and advocates hoping they will share my story which will serve as a warning to some to find themselves in the same situation that has turned my life upside down, as well as to gain some support in my campaign for legal defense.

The gist is, I was driving in Florida with less than 3 grams of Critical Mass marijuana, a pipe and 4 gummies. I was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt but also because of my Colorado license plate something which is apparent in the details of the stop, and upon finding the items above I was charged with 4 misdemeanors and 2 felonies. I am facing 14 years in prison and $14,000 in fines. To make matters worse it took almost all of my money to pay my bond and retrieve my vehicle from the impound.

The full story is available at The Florida Horror – ORIONCS.NET

I am asking people who have voices in the cannabis community to mention my story to their audience as a warning to others about Florida who may make the same mistake I made, and to hopefully attract some attention to my gofundme page to help me mount a legal defense for these charges.

Click here to support Orion's Legal Defense organized by Orion Simerl


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Sorry to hear about your trouble in Florida. It's pretty well-known that Florida has a terrible track record when it comes to marijuana. Not that it helps you, but I hope this is a message to others that might think about cruising around with anything on them anywhere like FL, GA or surrounding states. I was down there in August and I have never seen so many cops pulling people over, side of the road searches and more. This is a state I would gladly have nothing to do with.

I hope you can resolve it and never experience it again. Unfortunately, this story is more common than most probably expect.


They are intense here in the nw fl area. (Some counties seem more aggressive, as seen on LivePD.) What Ted said.