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First Things First Are In This Thread

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First of all, welcome to Ted's Marijuana Forum. Everyone single person matters here and we will grow together. This isn't some site that millionaires invested in to build into some mega marijuana brand. Those exist, but this is a shoestring budget, built by 2 people and determined to make the very best out of what we have.

I am Ted, and I setup and build the website and a lot of content. Nikki is my assistant and she handles Twitter for me. Each day we add a bit more to this place and one day it will be something amazing. I think it is already, but then again I am a bit biased.

The forum is big. We have the forum, chat, directory, FAQ's, and a Wiki. That's a really big setup, but don't worry it's not too bad once you dissect it. Here is a video I did as a walk through to get started.

Hopefully that helps to take it all in. I don't want anyone to walk away because they couldn't figure everything out. I will help guide you so it becomes home. Here is the next video I did for a profile walk through. I will also continue to record more as I build out.

That's enough for now. Jump in by starting an intro thread or just poke around a bit. If you are still feeling overwhelmed please start a conversation with me or post about it in the forum so we can help answer questions.
Not open for further replies.