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Sativa Fav Strain?

Savanna Raine

Which strain is your favorite? Is it Indica or Sativa? Tell me your Favorite strain and why! c: maybe even a story about a time you smoked it and had a bunch of fun ! cc:

My favorite Strain is Durban poison, but at a close second is Red dragon. I love it because its a really awesome, totally chill Sativa, like you have a really heavy sense of chill but you're also very energetic, like a good Sativa. I remember one time we only had like three gs of it and waited to come home after prom to smoke. It was a ball! We used my really nice water bong to smoke outta. I had a lot of fun that night. cc:


I have 3 favorites that I use faithfully... Voodoo is my Sativa go-to for my morning wake and bake. Pineapple Express is what I like to smoke before social events or whenever I have to deal with humanoids... and my Indica that knocks out my severe migraines and helps me sleep is Anesthesia.


Jabs The Hemperor
Im not really into hybrids but Jack Herer is really something different than any other hybrid I ever tried, its like body high and sativa high, awesome to smoke with friends and chill, which turns out to be my favorite, Super Silver Haze Sativa to start off the day and feel uplifted throughout the day, and Big Bud is my favorite strain to make some concentrates due to its massive yields.


Pre 98 Bubba Kush is my tops is great for those looking for pain relief Has a lovely coffee, earthy taste strong Indica but you can function. Very chill happy euphoric high. Sour Bubble next in line Good friend of mine BOG breeds it.fruity aroma with diesel undertones BOG Bubble is the lineage super stony fun uplifting medz Vanilla Kush from Barneys smells my house up Carbon filters wont help amazing high and taste I cross with this strain bc of the heartiness and attributes it brings huge yields and dreamy day trips I have a million more but off the top of my kushedout head those are the ones. Stay Awesome stoners. Kush


Couch Lock Specialist
Indica. The more couch lock the better. Current favorite is Pineapple Kush.

Runner-up is Legend Blue Dream. It's a sativa based hybrid that has a nice high without the crazy sativa buzziness.